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504 is a game that creates 504 different games out of one box. The game consists of nine modules:
* Module 1: Pick-Up & Deliver
* Module 2: Race
* Module 3: Privileges Module
* 4: Military
* Module 5: Exploration
* Module 6: Roads
* Module 7: Majorities Module 8: Production
* Module 9: Shares

In each single game, you take three different modules from the nine available and assemble them in any order you like to create a new game. For example, you can play: a racing game that expands through exploration with technology improving the racing or exploration (World "253"). an 18XX-style stock game with network building for income and production sites to provide workers for the road building (World "968"). a war game with a pick-up and deliver economy and bonus scoring from majorities ("World 417"). Each single game takes from 30 to 120 minutes to play.

Aantal spelers2-4
AuteurFriedemann Friese
Aanbevolen leeftijd12+
Type spelBordspel
Speelduur40-120 min
Merk / UitgeverStronghold Games
Basisspel / uitbreidingBasisspel

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