Danger Park

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A game of risk and fraud

Build a theme park as a team and make as much money as possible. The hard part is that the theme park is a dangerous place full of mayhem, negligence, and fraud.

In the Danger Park game, players take turns placing rides in a collectively-built amusement park. Patrons are placed and move through the park based on ride exits, and each patron generates money for the different ride owners. Using the unique abilities of rides and park improvements, players move patrons, block exits, and most importantly, add danger in the form of vomit, pests, flooding, electrical failure, and more in order to influence die rolls. High rolls show satisfaction and keep patrons on rides. Low rolls create additional danger and force patrons out to other rides. Additionally, insurance policies can be taken to benefit from certain poor outcomes, encouraging direct sabotage for profit. When the park finally closes due to poor quality, rides closing, or patron injury, the player with the most money wins.

Take the biggest risk, snatch the biggest reward, and get away with it in Danger Park!

Components of the Danger Park game

- 35 ride cards,
- 60 improvement cards,
- 12 major policy cards,
- 12 minor policy cards,
- 8 dice,
- 221 tokens,
- 65 patron meeples,
- 32 ticket booth markers,
- 4 reference cards,
- 1 park sign,
- 3 gametrayz,
- 1 rulebook.

Aantal spelers2-4
Aanbevolen leeftijd13+
Type spelBordspel
Speelduur45-60 min
Basisspel / uitbreidingBasisspel

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