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This is a faction-expansion box for the Skytear MOBA boardgame. The Taulot expansion contains:
- 4 Hero Miniatures (38mm),
- 4 Hero Cards (63x88mm),
- 32 Power Cards (63x88mm) -> a pre-built deck

You can use these contents to challenge a friend with the starter box. Or you can freely mix and combine these heroes and cards with your existing Skytear collection.

The heroes of Taulot strike from the tunnels of their home, their innate hivemind.
Zacoal, malformed by Skytear designed to empower him, overpowers any invader.
Older than any other, Nelaclan can cast any spell, wielding powers long forgotten.
Charged with preventing entry to the realm, Achla is a master ambusher.
A rumbling is all the warning foes get before Ixatosk emerges from its burrows.

Aantal spelers2-8
Aanbevolen leeftijd14+
Type spelKaartspel, Miniaturenspel
Speelduur30-90 min
Basisspel / uitbreidingUitbreiding

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